5 Top Tips Every Cheerleader Needs To Know

5 Top Tips Every Cheerleader Needs To Know

Cheerleading is life! We get it, you get it, the whole squad just gets it. So we’ve put together

a list of the top 5 tips every cheerleader needs to know to stay on top of the game!

Always keep your muscles stretched

Cheerleaders need to stay flexible, and you can keep your body that way by stretching every

day. You can do simple exercises even while watching TV, like pointing your toes, doing

ankle curls, and even sitting on the floor with the splits. This can help you get the perfect set

of skills!

Practice in the off-season/outside of practice

Off-season months are the perfect months to make sure you and your team are healthy and

ready for a great season next time around. You can address any aches and pains, work on

your flexibility and strength a bit more, and keep endurance up. You can also have fun

outside of practice by working on your routines or focusing on perfecting your skills like


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