A Cheerleader’s Guide to Successful Goal Setting

A Cheerleader’s Guide to Successful Goal Setting

Setting goals for yourself is not only important in improving your cheer performance, but is

a life skill that will benefit you for years to come. When you start creating goals and then

making moves to achieve them, it’s an awesome opportunity to see where you are in terms

of your ability. Once you’ve set and written down your specific goals, you’ll gauge your

progress and find yourself motivated to achieving them.

So how do you get started?

Write Goals Down

It helps clearly define them and gives you a reminder of what you can and want to achieve.

When you put pen to paper, or finger to keypad, be sure to list the way you would like to

get to your goal – instead of writing ‘to become a better cheerleader’, develop a goal that

says ‘to become a better cheerleader, I’ll stay after practice and rehearse my routine an

extra five times’.

Be Realistic

There should be nothing stopping you from starting big with your goals, but to sometimes to

get there, you need to start with the smaller ones first. Push yourself out of your comfort

zone to achieve your goals to make it challenging, because that sense of accomplishment is

beaten by nothing! But ensure your list of goals are attainable and flexible to remind you of

your cheer passion and motivate you.

Collaborate + Review

One of the best ways to make sure you’re on top of your game when it comes to your list of

goals is to talk with your coach about them, and then review them as you go. Your coach is

there to work as your guide and mentor, and help celebrate all your successes, so they will

be more than happy and willing to help you set your goals and achieve them.

Goal setting is a skill that can be developed over time, but really, the most important part is

just getting started and making yourself accountable! It’s a fantastic way to stay motivated,

focused, and yearning for more!

Questions to ask yourself when setting goals:

1. What is your long term goal (what do you ultimately want to achieve in


2. What daily or weekly goals do you need to achieve in order to reach your long term


3. How will I benefit from achieving my goal?

4. What do you think will be the challenges?

5. When do you feel most inspired?

6. Why do I want this goal?

7. Who else wants me to attain my goal, and who will be my support and guide me

along the way?

8. What is ONE step I can take today that will move me toward my goal?

9. Will I review my goals regularly to make sure I’m accountable and seek feedback

from my coach?

10. Am I excited to start aiming towards my goal?


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